Tapestry - Part II: Simple WEB API using Tapestry


In this blog we will show you how to extend your Tapestry projects with a simple API. If you have a big project and need complex calls to expose your API functions, then this approach is not for you. Instead, if you have a couple of functions you would like to expose, this is a quick and simple approach to get it done.


  • This tutorial uses Eclipse with Maven
  • This tutorial builds on previous blog

We consider a setup where a request to \\example.com\api should be replied with a JSON stream, where stream is just fancy way of saying text file. To do this in Java there are a few very good frameworks:

The last one is the easiest complete-integration framework for REST API that will work with Tapestry that we could find. However, if your have very simple requirements even the out-of-the-box frameworks might not be worth configuring. The alternative is to parse arguments during the rendering of a page and respond with XML or JSON. In this example we’ll show how to create an API for our hello-world application, which we build in our previous blog. Continue reading