Ugly Duckling is a small consultancy focusing on the world of finance, specifically mathematical finance. The work is always technical by nature: it can involve either solving a mathematical problem or implementing complex algorithms. We aim to provide everything from pen-and-paper solutions to distributed software in order to meet our client’s requirements. Joining the Ugly Duckling team means joining a pursuit for finding beauty. This can be found in many places and many ways: from the interactions within the team as we grow together, to the interactions with our clients as we work together towards the solution, inside mathematical expressions that are “massaged” until they look great or software code that is refactored over and over until it’s absolutely beautiful.

“There is nothing like delivering a working solution based on good science and solid engineering!"

Within this field we are looking for new team members with solid hard-core science and engineering skills. Ideal applicants should have a background in mathematics, physics, econometrics or a related field. Holding a phd will be considered a great advantage.

Joining the team will give you the chance to learn about finance, consulting and software engineering. Moreover, the small size of UD will give you the opportunity to see everything, not just one department or group.

We like to think that working at Ugly Duckling offers a lot of benefits. Besides supportive and friendly team members the successful applicant will be encouraged to actively pursue personal development and growth. In order to help our new team member to grow, we are open to many options, such as:

Coaching. Each new team member goes through intense coaching period, were you and your mentor work together on projects one day a week during the first 6 months at Ugly Duckling

Training. During projects you can expect to be supported on the job training. This can be anything from a reading list to intense coaching.

Formal training. We encourage you to go through formal educational programs offered by third parties. For example, currently all our team members have successfully completed the Certificate in Quantitative Finance.

Research. We consider contributing to the body of finance important and aim to do a research project each year. Ideally such a project would end in a published paper, working software code in our common library and conference presentation(s).


Interested to learn more? Please contact us so we can meet up for a coffee and get to know each other.