What makes us a team?

Ugly Duckling's team consists of highly quantitative and technical people with background in hard-core science and engineering. The team is strongly bounded, since its members work together, complement and share information with each other, approach difficulties as opportunities for personal and professional development and stay always positive.

What do we aim at?

Growth is the keyword and creativity its tool. Every job activity hides growing opportunities that concretize themselves in the long term and every learning opportunity is a stimulus to go deeper into the problem with further investigation.  Ugly Duckling strives to achieve progress for themselves, for their clients and for the whole society.

Our name

The fundamental origin of our name is the believe that with proper guidance everybody can reach his or her full potential, hence metaphorically growing from an amorphous bird into a beautiful swan.

Our vision

Our vision is to help others reach their full potential.

The Team

These are our Ducklings, the Ugly Duckling team members:



Jorrit-Jaap de Jong

Jorrit-Jaap is Ugly Duckling’s founder. His work is in the development and deployment of complex financial applications, often using the .Net platform. He started his career at Ortec as an ALM consultant. In his role as financial engineer at Cardano Jorrit moved to the more quantitative finance side of risk management.  From this basis he started Ugly Duckling as a co-founder.

Jorrit has supported the finance community by teaching derivative classes at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and  Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap. In addition he has been an academic coach and held a position as member of the Casuistry Committee for the EMAS study at Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap.