Ugly Duckling consulting for Rabobank

We are very happy to be working with one of the leading banks in the field of food and agri worldwide. Rabobank is an international financial services provider operating on the basis of cooperative principle serving approximately 8.8 million clients around the world.

The balance sheet risk of the bank is managed by the ALM team. Ugly Duckling will be supporting this team in an automation project with the aim of increasing efficiency and reducing operational risk.


VIVAT Insurances, part of the Anbang Insurance Group, is the company behind brand names like: Zwitserleven, Zelf, Route Mobiel, Reaal, Proteq Dier & Zorg en ACTIAM. VIVAT is a relatively new, but its brands have been around for a long time. Ugly Duckling is happy to be chosen as a supplier of consultancy service for the VIVAT group to assist with the risk management with the goal of consolidating the solidarity that VIVAT brands have provided to their clients for over 150 years.

Ugly Duckling Welcomes Nationale Nederlanden as Client

We are happy to announce that Ugly Duckling will be supporting the Nationale Nederlanden Quant Development team. We will assist the team in writing code, tests and documentation. In addition existing code bases are to be migrated from legacy systems. In short,  we will support the team with the implementation of their quantitive finance requirements in a modern application that will transform raw data into business information for the wider organisation.

Paper Accepted for Publication in the Wilmott Magazine

We are happy to announce that our paper Curiosities on the Monotone Preserving Cubic Splines  has been accepted for publication in the Wilmott Magazine.

The content of the paper is nicely summarised by the starting paragraph of the referee report: "The authors have two results. The first is a worthwhile observation that the Hyman constraint is automatically satisfied, and can thus be omitted. The second is a sensitivity calculation. These results deserve to be published ..".

Needless to say, we are happy for such an achievement and proud to get recognition for the quality of our research from an international refereed journal. This is for us a confirmation of our capacities and an additional boost of motivation.

A working version of the paper can be found in our library page. The final publication can be obtained directly from the Technical Papers section of the Wilmott Magazine journal here.