Tapestry - Part I: Hello Tapestry


Tapestry 5 is framework for creating web applications using Java. The framework allows you to generate HTML pages using Java code. This a good thing if you have complex business logic that takes data from the user, database, online resources to present a result as a webpage. We wanted to do something like that for one of our econometric models so we decided to give Tapestry a go for building our web application. Along the way we learned quite a lot about the framework. Some of that we want to share here in a series of blogs. The complete series should be enough to build simple GUI for your Java business logic.

In this blog we will create a hello-world style example using Tapestry 5. The goal of this example is to get you up and running with Tapestry using the skeleton setup that is included with Tapestry. Based on this initial setup we will make changes to get a hello-world page.


  • This tutorial uses Eclipse with Maven

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