Levmar Excel version 1.1 released

We are happy to announce that a new version of Levmar Excel has been released. This version exposes more functionalities from the original levmar package to Excel.

New in this version is the ability to pass a VBA class (i.e. object) as extra parameter to LevmarExcel. This object can contain extra information needed to evaluate the error function. This addition offers a lot of extra flexibility using the package. Complex object models can now be passed as arguments to be used for the evaluation of the error function (the error function can be only a thin wrapper for the “real” error function in the object).

The latest version of Excel Levmar is available here. The package contains the example “demo_vba_object.xlsm” which shows how to use this new functionality. The example contains a module with some code to build the LevmarExcelSolver object. Continue reading

Levmar Excel An Introduction

Levmar Excel is a wrapper around levmar, one of the best Levenberg-Marquardt algorithms out there. The wrapper allows you to use levmar in Excel via VBA. This is handy if you want to solve a nonlinear least squares problem. Alternatively you could also try to use the build-in Excel solver. While this solver is excellent, it isn’t too easy to integrate in VBA code. Levmar Excel fills the gap. It gives you an easy to integrate least squares solver for VBA code. In the remainder of the post it will be explained how to set things up to get the demo spreadsheet working. (If you are a developer wanting more details on the source code of this project look here.) Continue reading