Welcome to Ugly Duckling Finance

We are the financial branch of Ugly Duckling.

We work on quantitative finance. We address technical issues in finance, such as product modelling, testing automation, research and development.

We also do consulting, in many forms:
  • We  provide solutions to clients in the financial sector who are eager to implement the latest technologies and academic solutions in their systems. 
  • We provide courses and teach classes at any level, thanks to the coaching experience of our team members, ranging from pure and financial maths to code testing and implementation. 
  •  We periodically organise meet-up's and seminars where people come together to greet each other and to attend financial engineering talks while enjoying a glass of wine. 
We are known to be competent and reliable. People trust us because we have gained their trust through hard and passionate work.
We work in a team, because we can and because we want to. In fact, this is made possible by the mixed skill set of our team, and we believe that only by sharing our knowledge can we reach excellent results.
We approach any new problem with enthusiasm, and we put all our energy into solving it, because we are problem-solvers and we view any obstacle as a challenge.

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